Area 100 Acre Forest laenor 341, 489 Hundred acre forest | Nasu area Arakorni


Area 51 daughters desolathya 332, 351 Ranger quest area. Runeaxe


Area 9th Plane of Hell furnachia 130, 248 Ninth Plane of Hell | Hell Jessey, Ulax, Shardik


Area A Tale of Two Towers lucentium 338, 40 Gorgar
Area ARE Fortress (east) furnachia 333, 260 Furnachia fort (east) Added in game as result of "Invasion/Defence of Arelium 2007"-event. Shinarae
Area ARE Fortress (south) furnachia 250, 430 Furnachia fort (south) Added in game as result of "Invasion/Defence of Arelium 2007"-event. Shinarae
Area ARE Fortress (west) furnachia 68, 259 Furnachia fort (west) Added in game as result of "Invasion/Defence of Arelium 2007"-event. Shinarae
Area Abandoned Valley laenor 462, 292 AQ "Help Atriel". Fizzl
Area Abandoned barn desolathya 194, 334 Malar
Area Abandoned house furnachia 299, 112 Grimsh
Area Abandoned study rothikgen 213, 124 Blasterr
Area Abandoned temple furnachia 135, 204 Abandoned, ruined temple Juggelo
Area Abandoned village furnachia 141, 159 AQ "Help Loretta" and part of AQ "Solve mystery of the abandoned village". Mandrake
Area Ackbar's quest rothikgen 346, 296 Ackbar's warrior shrine Malitrius, Ackbar
Area Afkadel-el-Sha lucentium 87, 156 Village of Death Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance". Heidel
Guild Alchemist lucentium 436, 151 Alchemist guild Shinarae, Scrounge
Area Amberley mansion rothikgen 220, 345 LQ71 "The ritual of sacrifice". Grimsh
Area Anaconda Ruins rothikgen 332, 405 Anaconda's Ruins | Ruins Originally by Anaconda, recoded by Souc. Anaconda, Souc
Area Ancient Temple of Gods desolathya 179, 472 The Ancient Temple of the Gods Laku
Guild Ancient ruins laenor 309, 335 Tiger shrine (lae) | Shrine Tiger guild shrine and maze. Dragoness
Area Ancona Manor furnachia 189, 88 Manor LQ48 "Successor of province". Darol
Guild Animist desolathya 328, 414 Animist guild Heidel
Race Shrine Animist totem (furn) furnachia 143, 161 Animist guild totem pole for Furnachia.
Race Shrine Animist totem (lae) laenor 295, 408 Animist guild totem pole for Laenor.
Area Anthill lucentium 342, 140 AQ "The ant hill". Noctur
Area Apollo desolathya 127, 284 The Lands of Apollo Nym, Panner
Area Apple Orchard laenor 354, 497 Bob and Thelma's farm/grove | Bob and thelmas farm/grove Haplo, Raunk
Guild Archer laenor 391, 292 Shinarae, Grizzt
Major City Arelium laenor 365, 471 Main city of Laenor. AQ "Quest Room", AQ "City Tour", AQ "Visit", AQ "View Artwork", AQ "Kitty", LQ19 "Sewer ring", LQ20 "Register", LQ21 "Rules 101", LQ25 "Roulette", LQ31 "Gong", LQ47 "Master Hunter" and AQ "Robbery in Moonlight". Elwood, Tedra, Blasterr, Gore, Firefox, Badger
Area Arelium clocktower special 1, 31 Located in Arelium Badger
Area Arska's Hut laenor 422, 524 Prospector's Shack | Merchant subguild
Area Arthur laenor 311, 404 Monthy Python, Quest for the Holy Grail LQ44 "Holy grail", modelled after the Monty Python movie. Malar, Sciurine, Natasha, Dranthrax
Area Astacia lucentium 295, 126 The Ruins of Astacia AQ "Rise of the verminkin". Mardus
Area Asylum laenor 348, 474 Dino
Monster Athanel rothikgen 437, 219 Crimson wyrm, savage coast subarea Extremely dangerous. Malitrius
Area Atlantis furnachia 68, 459 Teutonic, Zin


Area BF Barracks desolathya 507, 119 Broken Forest - Barracks Briano, Tarken
Area BF Castle desolathya 508, 118 Broken Forest - Castle Briano, Tarken
Area BF Prison desolathya 511, 118 Broken Forest - Prison Briano, Tarken
Area BF Seacrest desolathya 510, 120 Broken Forest - Seacrest Briano, Tarken
Monster Badlands cavalier furnachia 277, 123
Trainer Barb (deso) desolathya 313, 292 Barbarian guild trainer.
Trainer Barb (furn) furnachia 200, 118 Barbarian guild trainer.
Trainer Barb (lae) laenor 297, 513 Barbarian guild trainer.
Trainer Barb (luc) lucentium 382, 153 Barbarian guild trainer.
Guild Barbarian rothikgen 370, 244 Barb guild Ulath, Runeaxe, Digga, Quadra
Area Barbarian arena rothikgen 277, 131 Barb guild event area Runeaxe
Race Shrine Barsoomian furnachia 258, 394
Area Battlefield rothikgen 186, 311 Warzone area Grimsh
Area Beastlands laenor 524, 606 LQ23 "Help Liezeb". Malar
Guild Beastmaster rothikgen 128, 169 Beastmaster guild Shinarae, Elwood
Area Beaumont Hamel rothikgen 145, 185 AQ "Beaumont Hamel". Moss
Area Bigeaul laenor 528, 429 Chateau de le Bigeaul | Monastery of Beldarus LQ35 "Help the Baron" and AQ "Restless dead". Monastery of Beldarus added 31.01.2005. Kimvais, Hablo
Area Black Marble Altar furnachia 158, 205 Mountain peak Part of AQ "Solve mystery of the abandoned village" Mandrake
Guild Blackbone encampment laenor 358, 634 Darol, Fuser
Area Blackteeth Mountains laenor 580, 185 The Slopes of the Blackteeth Mountains LQ57 "Rescue patrol". Hablo
Area Brimshire desolathya 239, 325 Grimsh
Area Brotherhood of Sorcery lucentium 147, 374 Adamantium chain Area is probably older than the timestamp now. Justice, Natasha, Matte
Race Shrine Brownie rothikgen 77, 372
Area Buckthorn Valley desolathya 188, 387 Part of AQ "Millie's nightmare". Noctur
Monster Bufloogh rothikgen 395, 254 Green wyrm, savage coast subarea Extremely dangerous. Was originally called "Burgle", probably changed to Bufloogh for obvious reasons. Malitrius
Area Bunny valley laenor 559, 412 Soft level limited to lvl55 by a blocking monster. Heidel
Area Burning village desolathya 264, 275 Villager under attack Dragoness
Area Butterfly farm laenor 439, 278 Soft level limited to lvl55 by a blocking monster. Heidel


Major City Calythien desolathya 285, 272 Main city of Desolathya. Grimsh
Area Campsite rothikgen 227, 139 Malitrius
Area Cartwheel furnachia 192, 143 Ulath
Area Castle Brantis furnachia 119, 168 Brantis Shades, Coren
Area Castle Firefox furnachia 417, 174 Firefox
Area Castle Severus rothikgen 115, 216 Severus castle LQ92 "Long live the King" Gorgar
Area Castle of Lord Drauron rothikgen 185, 306 Hq1, warzone subarea Grimsh
Area Castle of Toxic desolathya 368, 312 Toxic, Cyberman
Race Shrine Catfolk lucentium 244, 136
Area Catfolk shipyard lucentium 336, 181 Wizard Hackathon 2015 project area. Heidel, Neth, Juggelo, Sai
Area Catfolk tree lucentium 234, 151 Tree village Shinarae
Guild Cathedral of darkness laenor 515, 615 Darol
Area Cave of Trials rothikgen 200, 270 Can only be accessed when the specific psionicist guild quest is active. Grimsh
Area Cavern rothikgen 186, 315 Hq2, warzone subarea Grimsh
Area Caverns of Chaos rothikgen 385, 250 Runeaxe
Area Caves of Orac desolathya 302, 94 AQ "Caves of Orac". Elwood
Area Celestial Caverns desolathya 388, 112 Jaina
Race Shrine Centaur lucentium 396, 42
Area Cevi village rothikgen 233, 128 Fizzl
Guild Channeller laenor 505, 483 Channelers Shinarae
Area Chaos Cauldron furnachia 233, 394 Chaos Cauldron event area. Shinarae
Area Chessboard laenor 517, 593 Scarlet, Cyberman
Area Circus laenor 312, 460 AQ "A day at the circus". Recoded by Ggr in January 2013. Nalle, Ggr
Area Citadel rothikgen 257, 245 Snow devils | Mountainpass+citadel LQ55 "The Mythical Frostblade". Dice, Raunk
Area Clouds above Lor lucentium 357, 187 Giants/Rechendak AQ "Elementalist". Nym, Shadowjack
Area Club Sarnath special 1, 30 Arelium - Club Sarnath Located in Arelium Tedra
Area Coffee forest lucentium 432, 146 AQ "Coffee time". Heidel
Area Colosseum lucentium 219, 88 Amphitheatre Level limited to lvl50. LQ45 "Victi vicimus". Superelak
Area Conifer Forest laenor 228, 476 Level limited to lvl50. LQ19 "Acquire Documents". Neth
Area Corabandor furnachia 297, 299 Tower of Corabandor AQ "Save Ozymandius". Recoded and reworked by Grimsh during 2003-2004. Shadowjack, Grimsh
Area Cornfields lucentium 392, 73 Cornfield This area is much older, but uncertain how old. The date is for recode by Dragoness. Sarku, Dragoness
Area Crack laenor 474, 574 Alchemist tower / Amazons, entrance 2 Dragoness
Area Creepy house lucentium 292, 268 Old house | Behind the old house Ramjett, Fizzl
Area Crescent Tower laenor 456, 616 Tower of the accursed Aarugotti
Guild Crimson laenor 490, 300 One of the oldest guilds in the game, though obviously it has been changed a lot. Era, Ulath, Franco, Mokti, Quadra
Race Shrine Cromagnon lucentium 316, 254
Monster Cyclon rothikgen 423, 239 Blue wyrm, savage coast subarea Extremely dangerous. Malitrius
Race Shrine Cyclops lucentium 332, 278


Area D'hregal mines desolathya 308, 279 Kobold mines LQ18 "Kobold staff". Alaron, Rock
Area Dah'bec lucentium 410, 92 Dahbec Grimsh
Area Dalesmen desolathya 229, 153 Twisted tower Sirdar
Area Dark Castle laenor 340, 578 Darkcastle AQ "Intrigue at Dark Castle". Nalle
Area Dark Forest rothikgen 306, 161 AQ "It's Dog". Very loosely based on Stephen King's book "IT". Cyberman
Area Darkwood furnachia 176, 161 Otus
Race Shrine Demon furnachia 200, 235
Area Digga's Domain laenor 289, 474 Raven, newbie mountain, trolls etc. | Raven, newbie mountain, trolls etc LQ17 "Platter", LQ51 "Magic tower" and LQ70 "Silver battlesuit". Recoded by Ggr in February 2014. Digga, Alaron, Ggr
Area Domgroth's Mansion furnachia 220, 95 Fizzl
Area Donaru rothikgen 344, 382 Malitrius
Area Door to the Past lucentium 400, 248 Stifsim Marlor, Runeaxe
Race Shrine Doppelganger furnachia 43, 172
Area Dortlewall laenor 580, 379 The starting area of new players. Heidel, Darol
Race Shrine Draconian furnachia 364, 62
Area Draconian tower lucentium 392, 137 Related to Efiilas quests. Shinarae
Area Drawbridge laenor 490, 469 Castle of Faux Couer Dice
Race Shrine Drow furnachia 132, 241
Area Drow tower furnachia 199, 81 AQ "Drow tower". Shinarae
Area Drugstore shack rothikgen 356, 269 Old ladys shack, savage coast subarea Malitrius
Guild Druid laenor 453, 559 Druids Lanfear
Race Shrine Duck rothikgen 137, 148 Dragoness
Area Duck commune rothikgen 139, 139 AQ "Reunite the Founders", AQ "Nature walk" and AQ "Aid the duck alchemist" Pisano
Race Shrine Duergar furnachia 221, 202
Area Duergar temple desolathya 264, 141 Shinarae
Area Dunamor desolathya 282, 45 Berul Village LQ30 "Rescue Dorian". Gront
Area Dunedain's Mansion laenor 538, 167 Dunedain's Dark Mansion | Dunedains dark mansion Dunedain, Alaron
Area Dungeon laenor 363, 485 Arelium dungeons Originally called "BatCity Dungeons", of course. Jarnis, Raunk, Shadowjack
Area Duzelton lucentium 243, 195 LQ76 "Save Duzelton". NOTICE! This quest is undoable at the moment. Madrid
Race Shrine Dwarf laenor 561, 303
Area Dwarf warehouse lucentium 134, 264 Related to Efiilas quests. Shinarae


Area E'siris special 1, 0 E'siris, the ethereal city that can be used to cross realms. Resides on the "continent" of Nexus. Dralith
Area ENC Drow laenor 327, 470 Enchanter (corpse) Shinarae
Area ENC Valar laenor 344, 481 Enchanter (quest) Shinarae
Area Earth Tower lucentium 123, 288 Earthquake event Part of AQ "Four Elements". Malitrius
Area Efiilas advance camp lucentium 402, 19 Shinarae
Race Shrine Elf laenor 405, 550
Area Elven Outpost furnachia 165, 10 Malar
Area Elven village laenor 727, 135 LQ52 "Return the amulet". Eredlin
Area Encampment1 rothikgen 185, 309 Camp1, warzone subarea Grimsh
Area Encampment2 rothikgen 187, 313 Camp2, warzone subarea Grimsh
Area Enchanted Forest furnachia 166, 244 Ikar LQ75 "Enchanted forest". Ikar
Race Shrine Ent laenor 621, 455 The most holy forest of the Ent race
Area Evil vale rothikgen 141, 113 Old area, reopened in 2013. Morstor, Zin
Guild Explorer laenor 310, 381 Bruce's shack Ulath


Area FERRY/Furnachia furnachia 190, 81 Ril'ynttar harbour Furnachia ferry dock Melemkor
Area FERRY/Hamlet of Windham desolathya 430, 445 Hamlet of Windham | Windham Desolathya ferry Noctur, Melemkor
Area FERRY/Laenor/Daerwon laenor 301, 361 Laenor fort | Laenor fortress Laenor ferry dock. AQ "Ferry". Melemkor
Area FERRY/Lucentium lucentium 397, 15 Lucentium welcome center Lucentium ferry dock Melemkor
Area FERRY/Rothikgen rothikgen 265, 430 Shadowkeep annex Rothikgen ferry dock Melemkor
Area Faerie Forest laenor 343, 88 Dreamworld LQ82 "Assassinate the Fairy Queen". Heidel
Area Faerie Island laenor 270, 322 Stone Circle2 Dragoness
Area Farmhouse laenor 387, 528 Farm AQ "Save the farmers". Ruffneck, Malar
Area Feldspar conglomerate camp desolathya 309, 54 Feldspar conglomerate site Shinarae
Area Feldspar north camp desolathya 193, 91 Feldspar conglomerate site Shinarae
Area Feldspar south camp desolathya 206, 431 Feldspar conglomerate site Shinarae
Area Feldspar training camp rothikgen 278, 294 Shinarae
Area Fire Tower lucentium 126, 291 Meteor shower event Part of AQ "Four Elements". Malitrius
Area Followers of Vanion desolathya 228, 294 The Temple of Pandion Knights Fizbuck
Guild Forest grove laenor 478, 647 Darol
Area Forest in the Valley rothikgen 398, 285 Creepy forest, savage coast subarea Malitrius
Area Forest of Legolas laenor 532, 263 AQ "The Quest of Legolas". Area originally by Legolas, later subsequently converted by Andemon, Well and Shardik. Legolas, Well, Andemon, Shardik, Zin
Area Forest of Moonrind laenor 571, 484 Heidel
Area Forest of the Moon furnachia 167, 168 AQ "Free Filonious". Madrid
Area Foul's Creche laenor 621, 103 Fouls creche LQ40 "Sacrifice staff". Seance, Entropy, Mardus
Area Fraggle village lucentium 131, 195 Was level limited to lvl50, limit removed in early 2012. Runeaxe
Area Fulgurite shop laenor 633, 355 Heidel


Area Gallery cave laenor 321, 483 Nosunrise
Race Shrine Gargoyle desolathya 230, 321 Pillars of the gargoyle statues
Area Gates of Serinna laenor 525, 627 South gate of Serinna Darol
Area Gauntlet event laenor 350, 242 Location where the gauntlet event occurs.
Guild Ghost Liberator desolathya 238, 87 The Order of Ghost Liberator Paladins | Ghost liberator mansion Heidel
Race Shrine Giant rothikgen 331, 123
Area Giant killers rothikgen 28, 399 Doobie's | Doobies LQ39 "Enchanted cloak". Doobie, Coren, Tomba, Finaldey
Area Gladiator training grounds lucentium 148, 148 Merc
Race Shrine Gnoll desolathya 215, 444
Race Shrine Gnome rothikgen 327, 264
Area Gnome Airship laenor 406, 596 Gnomish flying machine Merri
Monster Goathead rothikgen 397, 236 Goathead, savage coast subarea Extremely dangerous. Malitrius
Area Goblin Farm desolathya 338, 368 Runeaxe
Area Goddess Garden laenor 690, 408 Castle of Goddess Yagol, Mardus
Area Granny's house laenor 317, 466 Dino
Area Great Central Desert lucentium 99, 114 Nifties | GCD | Melcross's Domain Has a level limited part. Nifty, Sciurine
Area Guard's Gap laenor 605, 101 Guards gap Seance, Eredlin, Entropy


Area Hack rothikgen 313, 324 Moria Old area, that has been open on HCBat and now re-opened here since 15.04.2010. Runeaxe
Area Hairikko Forest desolathya 292, 388 Village of Kem'bele Level limited to lvl20. Kissarobotti, Yagol
Area Halls of the Dead desolathya 258, 230 Pring
Area Harazam tower rothikgen 396, 255 Harazam, savage coast subarea Malitrius
Area Harun-al-Mar & Harun-al-Kor lucentium 79, 138 Village of War Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance". Heidel
Area Haunted Mansion furnachia 187, 116 Hosts two versions of the same AQ "Solo the haunted mansion" and AQ "Haunted mansion". Shinarae
Area Hell's dojo rothikgen 163, 69 Hells dojo LQ67 "Help lady Elberiel". Rillion, Sai
Area Hill giants rothikgen 246, 84 Nym, Shadowjack
Race Shrine Hobbit laenor 398, 570
Area Horn-Durath rothikgen 221, 265 Tower of Horn-Durath Expanded several times and fully revised in 14.08.2000. Amarth
Area Horsehead Mountain rothikgen 380, 203 Inra LQ69 "The Horsehead Mountain". Malitrius
Area Hugoville laenor 594, 467 Hugoville and von Huber LQ18 "Manhunt" and LQ50 "Machine". Seance, Eredlin, Entropy
Race Shrine Human laenor 474, 506
Area Hunt Master laenor 434, 522 Foxhunt Zilch
Area Hut laenor 345, 470 Cobweb-covered Hut | Trick or treat event 2023 Trick or treat event 2023 Shinarae


Area Ice Tower lucentium 120, 291 Hailstorm event Part of AQ "Four Elements". Malitrius
Area Ice castle rothikgen 453, 31 Frost giants Shadowjack
Area Infection furnachia 212, 83 Merc
Area Inn of the Four Winds rothikgen 295, 384 Amarth
Area Iron gate lucentium 285, 45 Templar shield quest cave
Area Iron mine laenor 613, 410 Mines of Tyr Farwyn | Mountain passage tunnel Contains AQ "Rescue the bunny". Ggr
Area Ivory Tower laenor 508, 347 White marble tower Dice, Raunk
Area Ix'ixixiblat laenor 363, 133 The only 18-man monster in game. Amarth


Area Jondalar's Castle lucentium 535, 92 Beanstalk Jondalar, Namhas
Area Jungle Cave furnachia 251, 346 Cavemen Dice, Raunk
Monster Jungle cavalier lucentium 215, 294
Area Jurkajef's Tower desolathya 517, 120 Goblin citadel Zoso, Malitrius


Area Kalevala rothikgen 104, 100 Wainamoinen Based on the Finnish epic poem of "The Kalevala". Aarugotti
Area Kara-Tur lucentium 49, 250 Akira | Karatur LQ73 "Liberation". Originally by Nym, converted by Shadowjack 19.10.1996. Nym, Shadowjack
Area Kath'vael Forest rothikgen 231, 261 Katvil forest | Kathvael forest Probably older than 11.02.1997, which is around the time when the area was converted. Was again recoded and re-opened on 25.09.2002. Amarth
Area Kender Mansion laenor 542, 509 Zhaman
Area Kevin's watch laenor 614, 100 Seance's platform Seance, Eredlin, Entropy
Area Kharim-el-Main lucentium 95, 141 Village of Pestilence Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance". Heidel
Area Kilrathi laenor 419, 539 Cathedral of Dr. Kilrathi Namhas, Zamphyr
Area King Eowyn's Land rothikgen 220, 148 Knights & Dragons LQ37 "Save the princess Daisy". (Has reputation of being one of the most annoying low level LQs in game.) Zin
Area Kingslayer furnachia 330, 105 LQ72 "The evil, immortal king" Gorgar
Area Kintril Church rothikgen 420, 261 Dark church, savage coast subarea Malitrius
SS Kirahvi+ lucentium 363, 157 Kirahvi+ ss
Guild Knight laenor 465, 504 Knight guild Shinarae, Elwood
Race Shrine Kobold desolathya 416, 278
Area Krev Estate desolathya 337, 344 Nosunrise
Area Kundar-el-Alam lucentium 91, 132 Village of Famine Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance". Heidel
Area Kutanakor East furnachia 171, 236 Kutanakor, east entrance Ikar
Area Kutanakor West furnachia 131, 236 Kutanakor, west entrance Ikar


Area Land of Anarchy laenor 517, 526 Desolate Castle | Therps castle Therp, Bj
Area Land of the Overworld lucentium 431, 205 Zebell's Zebell, Cyberman
Area Lands of Lor lucentium 411, 50 Lands or lore Nym, Entropy
Area Lanzia lucentium 426, 81 LQ83 "Tides of War". Runeaxe
Race Shrine Leech desolathya 32, 44
Race Shrine Leprechaun laenor 256, 585 A small, but nice and comfortable hut
Race Shrine Lich desolathya 85, 464
Area Lighthouse rothikgen 133, 452 Hablo, Melemkor
Race Shrine Lizardman lucentium 255, 101
Guild LoC: Aelena desolathya 341, 467 Aelena temple New Lords of Chaos temple of Aelena. Qazar, Hackop
Guild LoC: Kharim rothikgen 257, 233 The Hall of One Thousand Voices New Lords of Chaos, Legions of Kharim. Darol, Ulath, Gore
Guild LoC: Tzarakk lucentium 407, 181 Temple of Tzarakk New Lords of Chaos temple of Tzarakk. Ulath
Area Lonely Inn laenor 519, 553 AQ "The lost love" Grediah
Area Lonely Mountain rothikgen 148, 51 AQ "Dragonscale Armour". Area originally by Dire, might've been in game as early as 1993, but unceratin. Dire, Shadowjack
Guild Lord of Chaos furnachia 205, 120 Lords of chaos This guild is now closed. Ikar
Major City Lorenchia lucentium 413, 153 Main city of Lucentium. Entropy, Nym
Area Lost vale furnachia 210, 440 Shinarae


Guild Mage (acid) desolathya 48, 97 Mage acid Juggelo, Lampsa
Guild Mage (asphyx) rothikgen 84, 396 Mage asphyxiation Juggelo, Lampsa
Guild Mage (cold) rothikgen 297, 72 Mage cold Juggelo, Lampsa
Guild Mage (elec) lucentium 589, 398 Mage guild, electricity Juggelo, Lampsa
Guild Mage (fire) furnachia 405, 308 Mage fire Juggelo, Lampsa
Guild Mage (inner circle) desolathya 37, 64 Conjurer guild Juggelo, Lampsa
Guild Mage (magical) laenor 699, 701 Mage magical Juggelo, Lampsa
Guild Mage (poison) lucentium 266, 344 Mage poison Juggelo, Lampsa
Area Magerathia desolathya 278, 212 LQ84 "Inner Sanctium of Magerathia". Elwood
Area Marble shrine(?) rothikgen 252, 334 Unknown if this exists anymore.
Area Marble-sanded beach lucentium 373, 235 Beach Mit, Eredlin
Area Meadowshire desolathya 257, 313 Shinarae
Race Shrine Merfolk lucentium 542, 456
Area Mesme laenor 298, 122 Mesme forest Damut
Area Midnight Carnival desolathya 202, 60 The Last Unicorn Based on the book "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle. Natasha, Hablo
Monster Midnight cavalier desolathya 102, 371
Area Millie's Nightmare desolathya 194, 368 Part of AQ "Millie's nightmare". Noctur
Race Shrine Minotaur desolathya 473, 237
Area Mirkhold rothikgen 321, 220 Dinin
Area Mirror Mine lucentium 144, 255 AQ "Mirror mine". Shinarae
Area Misty Forest laenor 467, 572 Alchemist tower / Amazons Dragoness
Area Mithil Stonedown laenor 613, 102 Mithil Seance, Eredlin, Entropy
Guild Monk lucentium 392, 148 Monks Noctur, Blitzer, Shinarae, Delecti
Trainer Monk (furn) furnachia 195, 104 Monk guild trainer.
Guild Monk special (furn) furnachia 223, 234 Martial arts trainer (dwarf) Monk guild martial arts training, Ferris Ironhands.
Guild Monk special (lae) laenor 405, 294 Martial arts trainer (kobold) Monk guild martial arts training, Pzakh Trebilisz.
Guild Monk special (luc) lucentium 201, 456 Martial arts trainer (catfolk) Monk guild martial arts training, Kitheesta Miraur.
Guild Monk special (roth) rothikgen 277, 283 Martial arts trainer (gnoll) Monk guild martial arts training, Gnardmok Ilfthren.
Race Shrine Moomin rothikgen 269, 314
Area Moongate rothikgen 353, 200 Dragoness
Area Mountain Dwarves laenor 310, 556 Juzam
Area Mountaineer cottage laenor 594, 367 Darol
Area Mushroom hill rothikgen 166, 198 Extended and revised sometime during 2003. Fizzl
Area Mythical Valley desolathya 248, 385 LQ29 "King". Ilendir, Cyberman


Area Nanagich Village desolathya 478, 79 Teywaer village Zith
Guild Navigator rothikgen 340, 273 Navigator guild Noctur, Machaon, Alaron
Area Navigator maze rothikgen 352, 269 Mountains
Area Ndoki furnachia 168, 331 LQ81 "Ndoki forest". NOTE: This area's open/closed status may not be up to date at any given point. Cyberman
Area Necromancer's Swamp furnachia 270, 135 Necromancer Nikotemus
Guild Nergal furnachia 380, 218 Inside massive decaying tree Merc
Area Newberry Park laenor 368, 491 Newbie park Dragoness
Area Newbie Forest laenor 238, 470 Nightbld
Area Newbie Mines laenor 306, 486 Mines Level limited to lvl30. LQ16 "Black butterfly" and LQ17 "Rob vault". Shadowjack, Tonze
Area Newbie Mountain laenor 281, 479 Tall Mountain Wane
Area Newbie Playground laenor 388, 511 LQ23 "Liberate newbies". Jacinth, Hackop, Favorit
Area Newbie taskmaster laenor 340, 498 Newbie playgrounds LQ26 "Jarear's assignments". Hackop
Area Nithem's dungeon special 1, 20 Lich dungeon The actual area of Nithem the Lich, only accessible through special means. Heidel
Area Nocilis Valley furnachia 200, 201 Tiamat AQ "Treasuries of the Nocilis Valley". Tiamat is one of the oldest big eqmobs in the game, originally created by Tormac. Several people have enhanced and reworked it since. Tormac, Durand, Zin
Area Noran's Attic rothikgen 340, 398 Attic | Noran's castle Originally by Noran, recoded by Souc in early 1998. Noran, Souc
Area Norse cave rothikgen 386, 184 Stonetrolls AQ "The Living Cave". Malitrius
Area Norse village rothikgen 425, 231 Malitrius
Area Northrend laenor 712, 60 LQ33 "Northern raiders" Darol
Guild Nun rothikgen 248, 255 Convent of White Rose | Nun guild Zin, Brock, Dazzt
Area Nun maze (nw) rothikgen 258, 255 Nun guild mountain entrance


Area Oakvale laenor 288, 433 Heidel
Area Oasis lucentium 113, 98 Athlestane
Area Obelisk lucentium 263, 59 Falkon
Area Observatory Foyer lucentium 393, 482 Clockwork observatory Unfinished area, has one room of explore. Zilch
Area Ochimo desolathya 278, 307 LQ16 "Statue" Kip, Shadowjack
Race Shrine Ogre desolathya 179, 360
Area Old Copper Mine rothikgen 76, 158 AQ "White Pudding". Corto
Area Old Fort furnachia 77, 269 An old fort | Old fortress Malack
Area Old Oak Forest laenor 319, 462 LQ21 "Help the hobbit". Malar
Area Old convent laenor 302, 497 Damned convent Zin
Area Old forest rothikgen 240, 330 Kissarobotti
Race Shrine Orc furnachia 325, 173
Area Orc Samurai furnachia 209, 95 Samurai fort | Samurai fortress LQ62 "Challenge Kurya". Shinarae
Area Orc scouts laenor 339, 468 Orc scouts treehouse Shadowjack
Area Orthanc furnachia 310, 220 Dice, Raunk
Area Oystria lucentium 441, 278 AQ "Find Frex Frox". Runeaxe


Area Paladin Stronghold lucentium 446, 148 Level limited to lvl40 for most parts. AQ "Paladin stronghold". Zin
Area Paladin temple special 520, 480
Area Pauper's castle rothikgen 62, 315 Paupers castle Pauper, Ruubio, Shardik
Area Peacock Farm laenor 463, 520 Loosely based on X-Files (TV-series) episode "Home" (S04 E02). Malitrius
Race Shrine Penguin rothikgen 338, 71
Area Perilous forest rothikgen 319, 396 Xiantha
Area Perin's furnachia 272, 175 Perins LQ28 "Robes of Time" and AQ "Shrouds of darkness". Perin, Shardik
Area Petting Zoo laenor 357, 482 Newbie Zoo Zamphyr, Namhas
Area Pier desolathya 309, 49 West wharf Melemkor
Area Plakhstan furnachia 327, 127 Runeaxe
Area Plateau of Tsang (CLOSED) rothikgen 336, 102 This location is closed. Shadowjack
Major City Pleasantville laenor 339, 494 Newbie Village Pahvi, Shardik, Dralith
Area Plura's Castle laenor 365, 294 Pluras castle Plura, Alaron
Trainer Priest (deso) desolathya 262, 379 Evil priest guild trainer.
Trainer Priest (lae) laenor 670, 90 Evil priest guild trainer.
Trainer Priest (luc) lucentium 250, 298 Evil priest guild trainer.
Trainer Priest (roth) rothikgen 170, 195 Evil priest guild trainer.
Area Priest guild special place furnachia 298, 336 No idea what this is, or if it is even functional. Coren
Guild Psionicist rothikgen 168, 281 Psionicist guild Juggelo, Lampsa, Grimsh, Blitzer, Drakken
Area Public Gardens lucentium 412, 137 Each room of the garden always provides same herb, good for alchs. Kitsune
Area Pyran lucentium 196, 305 AQ "Amulet". Haplo, Entropy


Area Rainbow Cloak laenor 518, 508 Colours | The Riddle of the Colours LQ27 "Colours". Scrounge, Scrambler
Guild Ranger laenor 340, 554 Ranger guild Duke
Trainer Ranger (deso) desolathya 296, 288 Ranger guild trainer.
Trainer Ranger (furn) furnachia 204, 95 Ranger guild trainer.
Trainer Ranger (luc) lucentium 411, 165 Ranger guild trainer.
Trainer Ranger (roth) rothikgen 218, 285 Ranger guild trainer.
Guild Reaver desolathya 164, 435 Reaver guild Shinarae, Firefox
Monster Red Hawk rothikgen 399, 264 Redhawk, savage coast subarea Extremely dangerous. Malitrius
Area Red Tides village desolathya 27, 77 Red Tides AQ "Sweet dreams". Pahvi
Area Renardy harbour renardy 47, 36 The harbour Malitrius
Area Rendburg rothikgen 222, 71 Frozen city of Rendburg AQ "Frozen valley". Fizbuck
Area Revelstone laenor 608, 99 Seance, Eredlin, Entropy
Guild Riftwalker cave rothikgen 163, 225 Riftwalker shaman cave The actual riftwalker guild location hovers around the lake nearby. Moss
Area Rillion's castle furnachia 301, 185 Mansion Rillion, Sai
Major City Rilynt'tar furnachia 197, 85 New Rilynt'tar Main city of Furnachia. Poet
Monster River cavalier laenor 517, 647
Area Rounce furnachia 76, 108 Citadel | Citadel pit LQ85 "Flying Citadel". The actual location of the citadel is somewhere around Rilynttar. Lanfear
Area Ruins of El Deagnoh desolathya 175, 221 Grimsh
Area Ruins of Kofgaad lucentium 388, 411 Ruins of the convent of Kofgaad Zin
Area Ruins of Unta'r Trinit rothikgen 428, 213 Ruins of untar trinit, savage coast subarea
Guild Runemage (east) laenor 295, 608 Runemages guild, western entrance. Nalle, Shardik
Guild Runemage (south) laenor 404, 242 Runemages guild northern entrance. Nalle, Shardik
Guild Runemage (west) laenor 642, 415 Runemages guild, the eastern entrance. Nalle, Shardik


Guild Sailor laenor 352, 468 Harbour | Shipyard Melemkor, Alaron
Race Shrine Satyr lucentium 335, 130
Area Satyr forest lucentium 337, 114 Morstor
Area School of Lumine laenor 459, 533 Soft level limited to lvl55 by a blocking monster. AQ "Rescue Hannah's parents". Heidel
Area Seabird Inn desolathya 328, 328 Grimsh
Area Seashore Tower desolathya 278, 35 Kissarobotti
Area Secladin laenor 577, 681 Soft level limited to lvl30 by a blocking monster. LQ25 "Save Secladin village". Melemkor
Area Secret jungle furnachia 321, 339 Savage land | Savage jungle Dragoness
Area Sewers of Silverfang laenor 614, 634 Norgak Sirdar
Race Shrine Shadow desolathya 341, 106 Twisting shadows of the void
Major City Shadowkeep rothikgen 224, 271 Main city of Rothikgen. Amarth
Area Sheep pasture lucentium 366, 284 Heidel
Area Ship navigators lucentium 631, 97 Navigators of the sea Melemkor
Area Shipwreck lucentium 480, 156 Sunken ship Superelak
Monster Silver rothikgen 376, 260 Wyrms, savage coast subarea Extremely dangerous. Malitrius
Major City Silver Lake lucentium 540, 240 Silver lake | Silverlake Melemkor, Aydjen
Area Simon's Hut laenor 447, 241 Elements Grimsh
Race Shrine Skeleton desolathya 152, 473
Monster Skyrider cavalier rothikgen 246, 45
Area Small Meadow laenor 385, 518 Kyo
Area Small Well desolathya 480, 92 Teywaer well Zith
Area Smurville rothikgen 218, 255 Amarth
Area Snotling farm desolathya 473, 191 Ggr's comment: PUUH. Malitrius
Area Snow Peaked Mountain rothikgen 158, 147 Snowy peak Alannah, Alaron
Area Soy desolathya 166, 356 Julian
Guild Spider #1 furnachia 288, 180 Spider guild entrance: plains / valley
Guild Spider #2 furnachia 182, 149 Spider guild entrance: forest
Guild Spider #3 furnachia 172, 300 Spider guild: river entrance
Guild Spider #4 furnachia 74, 94 Spider guild entrance: swamp
Guild Spider #5 furnachia 230, 234 Spider guild entrance: mountain
Guild Spider #6 furnachia 49, 477 Spider guild, beach exit
Guild Spider #7 furnachia 98, 370 Spider guild entrance: desert
Guild Spider #8 furnachia 338, 348 Spider guild entrance: jungle
Area Spider cave rothikgen 392, 294 Spider cave, savage coast subarea Malitrius
Race Shrine Sprite laenor 613, 116
Guild Squire&Cavalier laenor 335, 460 Squire guild Shinarae, Elwood
Area St. Patric's Abbey renardy 20, 21 LQ20 "St. Patric's abbey". Blashyrkh, Malitrius
Area Stagira lucentium 361, 116 LQ46 "Return the chest". Zith
Area Steaming Cavern furnachia 397, 304 Fire giants Nym, Shadowjack
Area Stone Circle laenor 292, 517 Faerie island Dragoness
Area Stone garden desolathya 491, 478 Dragoness
Area Stonehenge rothikgen 358, 186 LQ61 "Stonehenge". Malitrius
SS Suicidal+ laenor 299, 397 Safe haven of suicidals | Suicidal+ ss Was the first 'new' type of player guild/secret society to have been created. Baltzebub, Geryon, Tomba
Area Sunderland desolathya 243, 51 AQ "The Lost Staff". Alaron, Dragoness, Rock
Area Syggax base camp rothikgen 265, 437 Syggax offensive camp Shinarae
Area Syggax fields camp rothikgen 87, 343 Syggax offensive camp Shinarae
Area Syggax forest camp rothikgen 358, 285 Syggax offensive camp Shinarae


Area Taiga rothikgen 288, 60 Dino's taiga LQ53 "Shamanic deed". Expanded by Orgoh 13.05.2003. Dino, Orgoh
Area Tarackia desolathya 363, 459 AQ "Free Tarackia". Entropy
Guild Tarmalen (autumn) lucentium 262, 210 Tarmalen autumn guild Dralith, Shinarae, Dragoness
Guild Tarmalen (spring) desolathya 306, 377 Tarmalen spring guild Dralith, Shinarae, Dragoness
Guild Tarmalen (summer) laenor 572, 403 Tarmalen summer guild Dralith, Shinarae, Dragoness
Guild Tarmalen (winter) rothikgen 149, 108 Tarmalen winter guild Dralith, Shinarae, Dragoness
Guild Templar desolathya 403, 306 Templar guild Dralith, Grimsh, Dragoness
Area Temple of Aljerak furnachia 279, 214 Blitzkrieg event | Aljerak temple Blitzkrieg event temple, a temporary location. Shinarae
Area Temple of All Gods desolathya 220, 231 Ruins of a Temple of All Gods Hablo
Area Temple of Chaos furnachia 220, 107 Related to the infamous 'new Lords of Chaos' guild. Ulath
Area Temple of Las laenor 546, 632 Nun Temple Nun guild training location. Zin
Area Temple of Sarku laenor 652, 358 Sarku, Alaron
Area Temple of the Twisted Prophecies furnachia 98, 205 Namhas
Area Temple of the Winds laenor 590, 428 Temple to the Winds Melemkor
Area Teywaer Graveyard desolathya 458, 72 Zith
Area Teywaer Tunnel desolathya 403, 77 Zith
Area The Lost Pyramid lucentium 224, 45 Zin
Area The Warlock Conclave desolathya 430, 424 Chra, Yog
Race Shrine Thrikhren lucentium 393, 194 The xorlab kxoh's tomb
Area Tiburcio's Tower desolathya 304, 305 Tiburcio A very old area, originally by Marley, removed and then converted by Cyberman in 1996. Marley, Cyberman
Guild Tiger (deso) desolathya 201, 153 Tiger shrine (deso) Dragoness
Guild Tiger (luc) lucentium 370, 182 Tiger shrine (luce) Dragoness
Guild Tiger (roth) rothikgen 236, 348 Tiger shrine (roth) Dragoness
Area Tiki bar lucentium 553, 483 LQ 68 "A Pirate's Vengeance" and AQ "Tiki Bar Makeover". Pisano
Race Shrine Tinmen laenor 510, 310
Area Tinmen monastery desolathya 404, 420 Abandoned monastery Jaina
Race Shrine Titan lucentium 241, 227
Area Trader's House rothikgen 286, 107 Mandrake
Area Tralpecktor desolathya 382, 419 Ancient tower AQ "Free the ghost of Seyed Fairlonge". Duke
Guild Tree Navigator desolathya 79, 433 The Navigators of the Tree | Treenavs Old guild, recoded and opened by Zin. Zin
Area Treehouse winery rothikgen 412, 96 Shinarae
Area Trilloch Zoo furnachia 177, 297 Trillazoo Shinarae
Area Trilloch's tower lucentium 656, 139 Assassin quest | The Trilloch tower Shinarae
Area Troglodyte Hut lucentium 84, 262 Troglodytes | Steves hut, Troglodyte subarea AQ "The lost troglodyte rod". Malitrius
Area Troglodyte Village lucentium 87, 257 Troglodytes AQ "The lost troglodyte rod". Malitrius
Race Shrine Troll furnachia 297, 231
Area Tunnel laenor 533, 479 Caverns of the Undying Merri's expansion was introduced 28.09.2004. Zoso, Merri
Area Tyr Farwyn laenor 596, 411 AQ "Moonlight Murders", AQ "Competing architects". Heidel, Gurth


Area Under Volcano furnachia 214, 155 Fire Golem | Golem Elwood, Dragoness
Area Underdark lucentium 382, 151 AQ "Farmer in dire need" Damut
Area Unholy Cathedral desolathya 132, 192 Cathedral Bj
Area Urvile Tree laenor 618, 98 Woodhelven Seance, Eredlin, Entropy


Race Shrine Valar rothikgen 237, 246
Area Valley of Silence desolathya 360, 371 The valley of silence | Castle Halberdheath LQ49 "Ivory Blades" and AQ "Mastery of Magic". Finaldey
Area Valley of the Kings lucentium 63, 148 VotK LQ88 "The Valley of the Kings". Dino, Femko, Ceewu, Qazar, Darol, Rutaliator
Race Shrine Vampire furnachia 333, 193 The legendary crypt of the prince of darkness
Major City Vendace Shore laenor 273, 406 AQ "Vendace Shore" Heidel
Area Village of Aldor rothikgen 84, 112 Aldors village Deras
Area Village of Shrea lucentium 384, 99 Hobbit Farmhouse | Alchemist's House AQ "Alchemist's dilemma". Is actually three areas. Hablo, Zoso
Area Village of Stouby laenor 516, 585 Stouby Level limited to lvl50. LQ32 "Wicked Witch". Heidel
Area Volcano furnachia 289, 146 LQ38 "Vulcan". Tank, Dinin, Ramjett


Area Waldrand laenor 678, 441 Sirdar
Area Wanderer maze furnachia 312, 237 Melemkor
Guild Wanderers furnachia 311, 242 Wanderer's guild Melemkor
Area Well desolathya 238, 113 Blitzer
Area Whirlpool lucentium 412, 204 Kelson, Keill
Area Wibble Village laenor 351, 479 Wibble Shadowjack, Malar, Ruffneck
Area Wildspace special 1, 10 Shinarae
Area Wind Tower lucentium 123, 294 Cyclone event tower Part of AQ "Four Elements". Malitrius
Race Shrine Windshriek forest rothikgen 110, 427 Harpy race shrine AQ "Help the Windshriek harpies defeat the loggers" and AQ "Help Langdale loggers defeat the harpies" Gore
Race Shrine Wolfman rothikgen 103, 201
Area Wormhole rothikgen 412, 243 Wormhole, savage coast subarea Malitrius
Area Wrebie forest laenor 410, 533 Wrebie castle Old area, reopened now. The area seems to be divided to "separate" parts - forest and castle. Saruman, Grizzt
Area Wrecked ship hull laenor 264, 408 Landfall Starting location of Age of Exiles. Melemkor


Area Xoff's gaming den furnachia 318, 361 Game Collector's Den | Phylactery event Phylactery Event 2022 Shinarae


Guild Ziggurat of Serinna laenor 537, 638 The Ziggurat of Serinna Darol
Race Shrine Zombie laenor 394, 319
Area Zonni swamps furnachia 143, 305 The Great Northern Swamps LQ65 "Rescue Lady". Home of the infamous Burglefloogah, supposedly inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky". Area originally by Zonni, recoded by Shadowjack in August 1997. Shadowjack, Zonni
Area Zorn desolathya 133, 266 Ens
Area Zoy's Inn laenor 516, 632 LQ24 "Zoy's Inn". Area originally by Zoy, created sometime around 1993, then converted by Tsengi and later recoded by Hablo. Zoy, Tsengi, Hablo


SS swe+ rothikgen 227, 260 Swe+ ss


SS wihne+ laenor 489, 303 Wihne+ ss

479 locations.