Locations of BatMUD by Ulath

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Man behind many things, Ulath has ascended the ranks of wizardhood quickly by working on countless problems, fixing bugs, and also creating new content. He is known to maintain the new city code (used in New Rilynttar, Arelium, etc.) with Dralith.

Ulath ascended to archwizardhood 14th of August 2008.

(fsay) You quack 'haluaakos Ulathi sanoa jälkipolville jotain hienoa arkkiutumisensa johdosta?'
(fsay) Ulath exclaims 'Profit!'

He has served as chairman of the Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry") board.

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13 Dec 2006


Bruce's shack
20 Apr 2007*


The Hall of One Thousand Voices
22 Aug 2008
Temple of Tzarakk
16 Oct 2007*


28 Sep 2007*

7 locations.

One of the oldest guilds in the game, though obviously it has been changed a lot.
To join, find Bruce Harwin, who resides near the shack, a bit to south.
LoC: Kharim
New Lords of Chaos, Legions of Kharim.
LoC: Tzarakk
New Lords of Chaos temple of Tzarakk.
Temple of Chaos
Related to the infamous 'new Lords of Chaos' guild.
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