Latest added locations

The dates presented are supposed to be the date when area was added in the game. However, this information can be inaccurate for various reasons; please read our FAQ item concerning the accuracy of the information presented here. You may also be interested in the PupuMaps project changelog, which lists the changes made to the data.

Currently showing only notable locations [Show all latest added locations (including player cities)]
Date Location name Continent Author(s) Information
28 Oct 2023 Hut Laenor Shinarae Trick or treat event 2023
11 Sep 2023 Northrend Laenor Darol LQ33 "Northern raiders"
14 Jul 2023 Gallery cave Laenor Nosunrise LQ100 "The puzzle of life".
14 Mar 2023 Krev Estate Desolathya Nosunrise
12 Oct 2022 Lost vale Furnachia Shinarae
29 Sep 2022 Chaos Cauldron Furnachia Shinarae Chaos Cauldron event area.
25 Apr 2022* Xoff's gaming den Furnachia Shinarae Phylactery Event 2022
22 Feb 2022 Feldspar training camp Rothikgen Shinarae
16 Nov 2021 Tiki bar Lucentium Pisano LQ 68 "A Pirate's Vengeance" and AQ "Tiki Bar Makeover".
08 Nov 2021 Sheep pasture Lucentium Heidel Soft level limited to lvl55 via a draining effect.
13 Aug 2021 Windshriek forest Rothikgen Gore AQ "Help the Windshriek harpies defeat the loggers" and AQ "Help Langdale loggers defeat the harpies"
01 Aug 2021 Syggax fields camp Rothikgen Shinarae
01 Aug 2021 Syggax forest camp Rothikgen Shinarae
21 Jul 2021* Feldspar north camp Desolathya Shinarae
21 Jul 2021* Feldspar south camp Desolathya Shinarae
01 May 2021 Triad (Blackbone) Laenor Darol, Fuser
01 May 2021 Triad (Cathedral) Laenor Darol
01 May 2021 Triad (Grove) Laenor Darol
01 May 2021 Triad (Serinna) Laenor Darol
01 May 2021 Triad (Ziggurat) Laenor Darol
15 Jan 2021 Duck commune Rothikgen Pisano AQ "Reunite the Founders", AQ "Nature walk" and AQ "Aid the duck alchemist"
21 Feb 2020 Treehouse winery Rothikgen Shinarae
14 Nov 2019 Syggax base camp Rothikgen Shinarae
08 Feb 2019 Kingslayer Furnachia Gorgar LQ72 "The evil, immortal king"
19 Nov 2018 Nergal Furnachia Merc
07 Jun 2018 Waldrand Laenor Sirdar AQ "Gemcutter", AQ "Miller" and AQ "Harbormaster".
19 May 2018 Duergar temple Desolathya Shinarae
28 Oct 2017 Meadowshire Desolathya Shinarae
03 Oct 2017 Fulgurite shop Laenor Heidel
04 Sep 2017 Infection Furnachia Merc
16 May 2017 Gladiator training grounds Lucentium Merc
05 Apr 2017 Feldspar conglomerate camp Desolathya Shinarae
13 Nov 2016 Dwarf warehouse Lucentium Shinarae Related to Efiilas quests.
25 Oct 2016 Draconian tower Lucentium Shinarae Related to Efiilas quests.
07 Aug 2016 Coffee forest Lucentium Heidel AQ "Coffee time". Soft level limited to lvl55 by a blocking monster.
03 May 2016 Efiilas advance camp Lucentium Shinarae
03 May 2016 Efiilas field camp Lucentium Shinarae
03 May 2016 Efiilas jungle camp Lucentium Shinarae
06 Apr 2016 Castle Severus Rothikgen Gorgar LQ92 "Long live the King" and AQ "When all hope is lost"
19 Nov 2015 Catfolk shipyard Lucentium Heidel, Neth, Juggelo, Sai AQ "Catfolk shipyard". Wizard Hackathon 2015 project area.
04 Nov 2015 A Tale of Two Towers Lucentium Gorgar LQ74 "A tale of two towers".
16 Oct 2015 Vendace Shore Laenor Heidel AQ "Vendace Shore".
03 May 2015 Sewers of Silverfang Laenor Sirdar AQ "Find Norgak"
29 Mar 2014 Mountaineer cottage Laenor Darol
08 Mar 2014 Dortlewall Laenor Heidel, Darol The starting area of new players. Crystite mine part is level limited to lvl40. AQ "It's a drill" and AQ "Dortlewall town patrol".
09 Jan 2014 Satyr forest Lucentium Morstor
09 Jul 2013 Forest of Moonrind Laenor Heidel
28 Jun 2013* Evil vale Rothikgen Morstor, Zin Old area, reopened in 2013.
09 Apr 2013 Zorn Desolathya Ens AQ "Lost treasures".
05 Apr 2013 Tree Navigator Desolathya Zin Old guild, recoded and reopened by Zin.
18 Nov 2012 Mesme Laenor Damut AQ "Ruler of the day"
20 Aug 2012 Ruins of Kofgaad Lucentium Zin
20 Feb 2012 Iron mine Laenor Ggr Contains AQ "Rescue the bunny".
26 Jan 2012 Butterfly farm Laenor Heidel Soft level limited to lvl55 by a blocking monster.
20 Nov 2011 BF Barracks Desolathya Briano, Tarken
20 Nov 2011 BF Castle Desolathya Briano, Tarken
20 Nov 2011 BF Prison Desolathya Briano, Tarken
20 Nov 2011 BF Seacrest Desolathya Briano, Tarken AQ "Restoring Albert's honor"
20 Nov 2011 Underdark Lucentium Damut AQ "Farmer in dire need"
08 Jun 2011 Riftwalker cave Rothikgen Moss The actual riftwalker guild location hovers around the lake nearby.
13 Apr 2011 Lonely Inn Laenor Grediah AQ "The lost love"
28 Nov 2010 Animist Desolathya Heidel
16 Oct 2010 Bunny valley Laenor Heidel Soft level limited to lvl55 by a blocking monster.
21 Sep 2010* Wrebie forest Laenor Saruman, Grizzt Old area, reopened now. The area seems to be divided to "separate" parts - forest and castle.
30 Aug 2010 Beaumont Hamel Rothikgen Moss AQ "Beaumont Hamel".
01 Apr 2010* Temple of Aljerak Furnachia Shinarae Blitzkrieg event temple, a temporary location.
06 Nov 2009 Ghost Liberator Desolathya Heidel
26 Sep 2009 Old Copper Mine Rothikgen Corto AQ "White Pudding".
20 Feb 2009* Plateau of Tsang (CLOSED) Rothikgen Shadowjack This location is closed.
29 Jan 2009 Tyr Farwyn Laenor Heidel, Gurth AQ "Moonlight Murders", AQ "Competing architects".
22 Aug 2008 LoC: Kharim Rothikgen Darol, Ulath, Gore New Lords of Chaos, Legions of Kharim.
09 Aug 2008 Village of Stouby Laenor Heidel Level limited to lvl50. LQ32 "Wicked witch".
Aug 2008 Granny's house Laenor Dino
Jul 2008 Renardy harbour Renardy Malitrius
16 Feb 2008 Archer Laenor Shinarae, Grizzt
16 Feb 2008 LoC: Aelena Desolathya Qazar, Hackop New Lords of Chaos temple of Aelena.
10 Jan 2008* Abandoned barn Desolathya Malar
08 Jan 2008 Trader's House Rothikgen Mandrake
07 Jan 2008 Conifer Forest Laenor Neth Level limited to lvl50. LQ19 "Acquire documents".
02 Jan 2008 Old Oak Forest Laenor Malar LQ21 "Help the hobbit".
05 Dec 2007 School of Lumine Laenor Heidel Soft level limited to lvl55 by a blocking monster. AQ "Rescue Hannah's parents".
26 Nov 2007* Black Marble Altar Furnachia Mandrake Part of AQ "Solve mystery of the abandoned village"
16 Oct 2007* LoC: Tzarakk Lucentium Ulath New Lords of Chaos temple of Tzarakk.
07 Oct 2007* Abandoned village Furnachia Mandrake AQ "Help Loretta" and part of AQ "Solve mystery of the abandoned village".
28 Sep 2007* Temple of Chaos Furnachia Ulath Related to the infamous 'new Lords of Chaos' guild.
23 Sep 2007* ARE Fortress (east) Furnachia Shinarae Added in game as result of "Invasion/Defence of Arelium 2007"-event.
23 Sep 2007* ARE Fortress (south) Furnachia Shinarae Added in game as result of "Invasion/Defence of Arelium 2007"-event.
23 Sep 2007* ARE Fortress (west) Furnachia Shinarae Added in game as result of "Invasion/Defence of Arelium 2007"-event.
02 Aug 2007* Observatory Foyer Lucentium Zilch Unfinished area, has one room of explore.
05 Jul 2007 Afkadel-el-Sha Lucentium Heidel Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance".
05 Jul 2007 Harun-al-Mar & Harun-al-Kor Lucentium Heidel Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance".
05 Jul 2007 Kharim-el-Main Lucentium Heidel Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance".
05 Jul 2007 Kundar-el-Alam Lucentium Heidel Part of AQ "Spirits of vengeance".
01 Jun 2007 Village of Aldor Rothikgen Deras AQ "Escape in the village".
01 May 2007* Faerie Forest Laenor Heidel LQ82 "Assassinate the Fairy Queen".
20 Apr 2007* Explorer Laenor Ulath To join, find Bruce Harwin, who resides near the shack, a bit to south.
08 Mar 2007 Old house Lucentium Ramjett, Fizzl
07 Mar 2007 Small Meadow Laenor Kyo
Jan 2007 Ship navigators Lucentium Melemkor
29 Dec 2006 Buckthorn Valley Desolathya Noctur Part of AQ "Millie's nightmare".
29 Dec 2006 Millie's Nightmare Desolathya Noctur Part of AQ "Millie's nightmare".
13 Dec 2006 Cartwheel Furnachia Ulath
Dec 2006 Arelium Laenor Blasterr, Gore, Melemkor Main city of Laenor. AQ "Quest Room", AQ "City Tour", AQ "Visit", AQ "View Artwork", AQ "Kitty", LQ19 "Sewer ring", LQ20 "Register", LQ21 "Rules 101", LQ25 "Roulette", LQ31 "Gong", AQ "Robbery in Moonlight" and AQ "Folklorist road trip".
Dec 2006 FERRY/Furnachia Furnachia Melemkor Furnachia ferry dock
Dec 2006 FERRY/Hamlet of Windham Desolathya Noctur, Melemkor Desolathya ferry
Dec 2006 FERRY/Laenor/Daerwon Laenor Melemkor Laenor ferry dock. AQ "Ferry".
Dec 2006 FERRY/Lucentium Lucentium Melemkor Lucentium ferry dock
Dec 2006 FERRY/Rothikgen Rothikgen Melemkor Rothikgen ferry dock
Dec 2006 Lorenchia Lucentium Entropy, Nym Main city of Lucentium.
Dec 2006 Rilynt'tar Furnachia Poet Main city of Furnachia.
07 Dec 2006 Wrecked ship hull Laenor Melemkor Starting location of Age of Exiles.
24 Jun 2006 ENC Drow Laenor Shinarae
24 Jun 2006 ENC Valar Laenor Shinarae
22 Feb 2006 Ancona Manor Furnachia Darol LQ48 "Successor of province".
22 Feb 2006 Domgroth's Mansion Furnachia Fizzl
30 Jan 2006* Abandoned study Rothikgen Blasterr
25 Sep 2005 Public Gardens Lucentium Kitsune Each room of the garden always provides same herb, good for alchs.
23 Sep 2005 Oakvale Laenor Heidel
05 Jun 2005 Ix'ixixiblat temple Laenor Amarth The only 18-man monster in game.
09 May 2005 Haunted Mansion Furnachia Shinarae Hosts two versions of the same AQ "Solo the haunted mansion" and AQ "Haunted mansion".
09 May 2005 Mirror Mine Lucentium Shinarae AQ "Mirror mine".
09 Jan 2005* Snotling farm Desolathya Malitrius Ggr's comment: PUUH.
Dec 2004 Abandoned temple Furnachia Juggelo Home to Gou'ljeg, the huge, ancient beholder.
Nov 2004 Forest of the Moon Furnachia Madrid AQ "Free Filonious".
01 Nov 2004* Valley of the Kings Lucentium Dino, Femko, Ceewu, Qazar, Darol, Rutaliator LQ88 "The Valley of the Kings".
Oct 2004 Kender Mansion Laenor Zhaman
13 Jul 2004 Knight Laenor Shinarae, Elwood
24 Apr 2004 Gnome Airship Laenor Merri Parts are soft level limited to lvl50 via a psionic damage effect.
Mar 2004 Lighthouse Rothikgen Hablo, Melemkor
26 Feb 2004 Old Fort Furnachia Malack
26 Nov 2003 Elven Outpost Furnachia Malar
23 Nov 2003 Runemage (east) Laenor Nalle, Shardik
23 Nov 2003 Runemage (south) Laenor Nalle, Shardik
23 Nov 2003 Runemage (west) Laenor Nalle, Shardik
22 Nov 2003 Newbie taskmaster Laenor Hackop LQ26 "Jarear's assignments".
28 Oct 2003 Nanagich Village Desolathya Zith
28 Oct 2003 Small Well Desolathya Zith
28 Oct 2003 Teywaer Graveyard Desolathya Zith
28 Oct 2003 Teywaer Tunnel Desolathya Zith
09 Oct 2003 Astacia Lucentium Mardus AQ "Rise of the verminkin".
09 Oct 2003 Beastmaster Rothikgen Shinarae, Elwood
Jul 2003 Farmhouse Laenor Ruffneck, Malar AQ "Save the farmers".
Jun 2003 Iron gate Lucentium
11 Jun 2003 Anthill Lucentium Noctur AQ "The ant hill".
06 Jun 2003 Beastlands Laenor Malar LQ23 "Help Liezeb".
18 Mar 2003 Circus Laenor Nalle, Ggr AQ "A day at the circus". Recoded by Ggr in January 2013.
17 Mar 2003 Stagira Lucentium Zith LQ46 "Return the chest".
06 Mar 2003* Earth Tower Lucentium Malitrius Part of AQ "Four Elements".
06 Mar 2003* Fire Tower Lucentium Malitrius Part of AQ "Four Elements".
06 Mar 2003* Ice Tower Lucentium Malitrius Part of AQ "Four Elements".
06 Mar 2003* Wind Tower Lucentium Malitrius Part of AQ "Four Elements".
Feb 2003 Atlantis Furnachia Teutonic, Zin Originally by Teutonic sometime in 1997 or so.
04 Feb 2003 Pleasantville Laenor Pahvi, Shardik, Dralith Access is limited to a definition of "new player" only, except on first day of the RL month.
Jan 2003 51 daughters Desolathya Runeaxe Ranger quest area.
12 Jan 2003 St. Patric's Abbey Renardy Blashyrkh, Malitrius LQ20 "St. Patric's abbey".
17 Dec 2002 Taiga Rothikgen Dino, Orgoh LQ53 "Shamanic deed". Expanded by Orgoh 13.05.2003. The LQ was added by Dino during expansion of the area 04.08.2003.
04 Dec 2002 Dark Castle Laenor Nalle AQ "Intrigue at Dark Castle".
Oct 2002 Red Tides village Desolathya Pahvi AQ "Sweet dreams".
Oct 2002 Cevi village Rothikgen Fizzl
Oct 2002 Mushroom hill Rothikgen Fizzl Extended and revised sometime during May 2003.
23 Sep 2002 Lanzia Lucentium Runeaxe LQ83 "Tides of War".
23 Sep 2002 Reaver Desolathya Shinarae, Firefox The "new" version of reavers was opened 23.09.2002 by Shinarae.
Sep 2002 Shadow Sabres Special Shardik Located in Shadowkeep.
24 Jun 2002 Tinmen monastery Desolathya Jaina
18 Jun 2002 Norse cave Rothikgen Malitrius AQ "The Living Cave".
29 May 2002* Colosseum Lucentium Superelak Level limited to lvl50. LQ45 "Victi vicimus".
23 May 2002 Calythien Desolathya Grimsh Main city of Desolathya.
28 Apr 2002 Midnight Carnival Desolathya Natasha, Hablo Based on the book "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle.
Mar 2002 Abandoned Valley Laenor Fizzl AQ "Help Atriel". At least partially lvel limited to lvl40.
11 Mar 2002 9th Plane of Hell Furnachia Jessey, Ulax, Shardik Area was reopened 11.03.2002, but had existed previously. Unknown how old it really originally was.
Feb 2002 Paladin Stronghold Lucentium Zin Level limited to lvl40 for most parts. AQ "Paladin stronghold".
29 Jan 2002 Shipwreck Lucentium Superelak
26 Jan 2002 Abandoned house Furnachia Grimsh
26 Jan 2002 Battlefield Rothikgen Grimsh
26 Jan 2002 Castle of Lord Drauron Rothikgen Grimsh AQ "End the war".
26 Jan 2002 Cavern Rothikgen Grimsh
26 Jan 2002 Encampment1 Rothikgen Grimsh
26 Jan 2002 Encampment2 Rothikgen Grimsh
Jan 2002 Barbarian arena Rothikgen Runeaxe
08 Jan 2002 Asylum Laenor Dino
Jan 2002 Brimshire Desolathya Grimsh
Jan 2002 Dah'bec Lucentium Grimsh
Jan 2002 Ruins of El Deagnoh Desolathya Grimsh
Jan 2002 Seabird Inn Desolathya Grimsh
Dec 2001 Amberley mansion Rothikgen Grimsh LQ71 "The ritual of sacrifice".
17 Dec 2001* Simon's Hut Laenor Grimsh
12 Dec 2001* Troglodyte Hut Lucentium Malitrius AQ "The lost troglodyte rod".
12 Dec 2001* Troglodyte Village Lucentium Malitrius AQ "The lost troglodyte rod".
06 Dec 2001 Athanel Rothikgen Malitrius Extremely dangerous.
06 Dec 2001 Bufloogh Rothikgen Malitrius Extremely dangerous. Was originally called "Burgle", probably changed to Bufloogh for obvious reasons.
06 Dec 2001 Cyclon Rothikgen Malitrius Extremely dangerous.
06 Dec 2001 Goathead Rothikgen Malitrius Extremely dangerous.
06 Dec 2001 Red Hawk Rothikgen Malitrius Extremely dangerous.
06 Dec 2001 Silver Rothikgen Malitrius Extremely dangerous.
Sep 2001 Creepy forest Rothikgen Malitrius
Sep 2001 Drugstore shack Rothikgen Malitrius
Sep 2001 Harazam tower Rothikgen Malitrius
Sep 2001 Kintril Church Rothikgen Malitrius
Sep 2001 Norse village Rothikgen Malitrius
Sep 2001 Ruins of Unta'r Trinit Rothikgen Malitrius
Sep 2001 Spider cave Rothikgen Malitrius
Sep 2001 Wormhole Rothikgen Malitrius
Sep 2001 Jurkajef's Tower Desolathya Zoso, Malitrius
Aug 2001 Tunnel Laenor Zoso, Merri Merri expanded this area twice, first expansion added 12.03.2002, further work was introduced 28.09.2004.
May 2001 Hack Rothikgen Runeaxe Old area, that has been open on HCBat and now reopened here since 15.04.2010.
Feb 2001 Celestial Caverns Desolathya Jaina
Feb 2001 Channeller Laenor Shinarae
Feb 2001 Dalesmen Desolathya Sirdar
08 Feb 2001* Pyran Lucentium Haplo, Entropy AQ "Amulet".
Jan 2001 Door to the Past Lucentium Marlor, Runeaxe
Dec 2000 Oystria Lucentium Runeaxe AQ "Find Frex Frox".
Nov 2000 Stonehenge Rothikgen Malitrius LQ61 "Stonehenge".
Nov 2000 Donaru Rothikgen Malitrius
14 Nov 2000 Catfolk tree Lucentium Shinarae
Oct 2000 Duzelton Lucentium Madrid, Moss LQ76 "Save Duzelton". NOTICE! This quest is undoable at the moment.
Sep 2000 Blackteeth Mountains Laenor Hablo LQ57 "Rescue patrol".
Sep 2000 Old convent Laenor Zin
Aug 2000 Obelisk Lucentium Falkon
Jun 2000 Orc Samurai Furnachia Shinarae LQ62 "Challenge Kurya".
Jun 2000 Club Sarnath Special Kultamarja, Tedra Located in Arelium. Originally by Kultamarja, apparently Tedra recoded and expanded on it.
Mar 2000 Zoy's Inn Laenor Zoy, Tsengi, Hablo LQ24 "Zoy's Inn". Area originally by Zoy, created sometime around 1993, then converted by Tsengi and later recoded by Hablo.
Feb 2000 Caves of Orac Desolathya Elwood AQ "Caves of Orac".
09 Feb 2000* Temple of All Gods Desolathya Hablo
Jan 2000 Secladin Laenor Melemkor Soft level limited to lvl30 by a blocking monster. LQ25 "Save Secladin village".
Oct 1999 Valley of Silence Desolathya Finaldey LQ49 "Ivory Blades" and AQ "Mastery of Magic".
Aug 1999 Under Volcano Furnachia Elwood, Dragoness
02 Aug 1999* Fraggle village Lucentium Runeaxe Was level limited to lvl50, limit removed in early 2012.
Apr 1999 Village of Shrea Lucentium Hablo, Zoso AQ "Alchemist's dilemma". Is actually three areas. Zoso added some things to Village of Shrea part as his wizardly orientation work.
Apr 1999 Magerathia Desolathya Elwood LQ84 "Inner Sanctium of Magerathia".
Mar 1999 Caverns of Chaos Rothikgen Runeaxe
01 Jan 1999* Ancient Temple of Gods Desolathya Laku
Dec 1998 Campsite Rothikgen Malitrius
Dec 1998 Kalevala Rothikgen Aarugotti Based on the Finnish epic poem of "The Kalevala".
Oct 1998 The Lost Pyramid Lucentium Zin
Oct 1998 Plakhstan Furnachia Runeaxe
Oct 1998 Perilous forest Rothikgen Xiantha
Oct 1998 Goblin Farm Desolathya Runeaxe
Sep 1998 Horsehead Mountain Rothikgen Malitrius LQ69 "The Horsehead Mountain".
Aug 1998 Cornfields Lucentium Sarku, Dragoness This area is much older, but uncertain how old. The date is for recode by Dragoness.
Jul 1998 Bigeaul Laenor Kimvais, Hablo LQ35 "Help the Baron" and AQ "Restless dead". Monastery of Beldarus added 31.01.2005.
Jun 1998 Peacock Farm Laenor Malitrius Loosely based on X-Files (TV-series) episode "Home" (S04 E02).
Jun 1998 King Eowyn's Land Rothikgen Zin LQ37 "Save the princess Daisy". (Has reputation of being one of the most annoying low level LQs in game.)
Mar 1998 Darkwood Furnachia Otus
Mar 1998 Crescent Tower Laenor Aarugotti
Mar 1998 Tarackia Desolathya Entropy AQ "Free Tarackia".
Feb 1998 Necromancer's Swamp Furnachia Nikotemus
Jan 1998 Inn of the Four Winds Rothikgen Amarth
Jan 1998 Rendburg Rothikgen Fizbuck AQ "Frozen valley".
Dec 1997 Followers of Vanion Desolathya Fizbuck
Dec 1997 Ochimo Desolathya Kip, Shadowjack LQ16 "Statue"
Oct 1997 Oasis Lucentium Athlestane
Oct 1997 Hell's dojo Rothikgen Rillion, Sai LQ67 "Help lady Elberiel". Converted by Sai and reopened 07.09.2005.
Oct 1997 Mythical Valley Desolathya Ilendir, Cyberman LQ29 "King".
Jul 1997 Stone garden Desolathya Dragoness
Jun 1997 Newbie Forest Laenor Sai
Jun 1997 Newbie Playground Laenor Jacinth, Hackop, Favorit LQ23 "Liberate newbies".
Jun 1997 Seashore Tower Desolathya Kissarobotti
Jun 1997 Goddess Garden Laenor Yagol, Mardus
07 Jun 1997* Petting Zoo Laenor Zamphyr, Namhas
Jun 1997 Kilrathi Laenor Namhas, Zamphyr
Jun 1997 Corabandor Furnachia Shadowjack, Grimsh AQ "Save Ozymandius". Recoded and reworked by Grimsh during 2003-2004.
May 1997 Halls of the Dead Desolathya Pring
May 1997 Temple of the Twisted Prophecies Furnachia Namhas
May 1997 Hairikko Forest Desolathya Kissarobotti, Yagol Level limited to lvl30.
May 1997 Apollo Desolathya Nym, Panner
Apr 1997 Old forest Rothikgen Kissarobotti
Apr 1997 Dunamor Desolathya Gront LQ30 "Rescue Dorian".
Feb 1997 Savage jungle Furnachia Dragoness
Feb 1997 Burning village Desolathya Dragoness
Feb 1997 Kath'vael Forest Rothikgen Amarth Was recoded and reopened on 25.09.2002.
Feb 1997 Ancient ruins Laenor Dragoness Tiger guild shrine and maze.
Feb 1997 Tiger (deso) Desolathya Dragoness
Feb 1997 Tiger (luc) Lucentium Dragoness
Feb 1997 Tiger (roth) Rothikgen Dragoness
Jan 1997 Well Desolathya Blitzer
Dec 1996 Arska's Hut Laenor Shadowjack, Gore, Shinarae, Acidia
Dec 1996 Merchant Special Shadowjack, Gore, Shinarae, Acidia Located in Arelium. The designs for Merchant guild were codified around late 1996. As with many older guilds, lots of people have worked on the guild code during the years, not all listed here.
Nov 1996 Rainbow Cloak Laenor Scrounge, Scrambler LQ27 "Colours".
Nov 1996 Soy Desolathya Julian
Nov 1996 Elven village Laenor Eredlin LQ52 "Return the amulet".
Nov 1996 Faerie Island Laenor Dragoness
Nov 1996 Newberry Park Laenor Dragoness
Nov 1996 Stone Circle Laenor Dragoness
Oct 1996 Hill giants Rothikgen Nym, Shadowjack
Sep 1996 Jungle Cave Furnachia Dice, Raunk
Sep 1996 Giant killers Rothikgen Doobie, Coren, Tomba, Finaldey LQ39 "Enchanted cloak".
Sep 1996 Ivory Tower Laenor Dice, Raunk
31 Aug 1996* Temple of Sarku Laenor Sarku, Alaron
21 Aug 1996* Digga's Domain Laenor Digga, Alaron, Ggr LQ17 "Platter", LQ51 "Magic tower" and LQ70 "Silver battlesuit". Recoded by Ggr in February 2014.
20 Aug 1996* Arthur Laenor Malar, Sciurine, Natasha, Dranthrax LQ44 "Holy grail", modelled after the Monty Python movie.
16 Aug 1996* Land of Anarchy Laenor Therp, Bj
11 Aug 1996* Castle of Toxic Desolathya Toxic, Cyberman
10 Aug 1996* Land of the Overworld Lucentium Zebell, Cyberman
04 Aug 1996* Dark Forest Rothikgen Cyberman AQ "IT's dog". Very loosely based on Stephen King's book "IT".
03 Aug 1996* Plura's Castle Laenor Plura, Alaron
21 Jul 1996* D'hregal mines Desolathya Alaron, Rock LQ18 "Kobold staff".
21 Jul 1996* Sunderland Desolathya Alaron, Dragoness, Rock AQ "The Lost Staff".
14 Jul 1996* Unholy Cathedral Desolathya Bj
Jul 1996 Hunt Master Laenor Zilch
Jun 1996 Great Central Desert Lucentium Nifty, Sciurine Had a level limited newbie part, opened to everyone 16.10.2015.
30 Jun 1996* Newbie mines Laenor Shadowjack, Tonze Level limited to lvl30. LQ16 "Black butterfly" and LQ17 "Rob vault".
Jun 1996 Mirkhold Rothikgen Dinin
Jun 1996 Volcano Furnachia Tank, Dinin, Ramjett LQ38 "Vulcan".
Jun 1996 Revelstone Laenor Seance, Eredlin, Entropy
Jun 1996 Chessboard Laenor Scarlet, Cyberman Some parts are level limited to lvl35.
Jun 1996 Orc scouts Laenor Shadowjack
Jun 1996 Urvile Tree Laenor Seance, Eredlin, Entropy
09 Jun 1996* Smurville Rothikgen Amarth
May 1996 Kutanakor East Furnachia Ikar
May 1996 Kutanakor West Furnachia Ikar
Mar 1996 Snow Peaked Mountain Rothikgen Alannah, Alaron
Mar 1996 Arelium clocktower Special Blowfish, Badger Located in Arelium. Probably even older than early 1996.
Mar 1996 Dunedain's Mansion Laenor Dunedain, Alaron
Dec 1995 Anaconda Ruins Rothikgen Anaconda, Souc Originally by Anaconda, recoded by Souc.
Oct 1995 Mountain Dwarves Laenor Juzam
Sep 1995 Newbie Mountain Laenor Wane
Aug 1995 Moongate Rothikgen Dragoness
Jun 1995 100 Acre Forest Laenor Arakorni
Jun 1995 Rounce Furnachia Lanfear, Zin LQ85 "Flying Citadel". The actual location of the citadel is somewhere around Rilynttar. Flying Citadel was recoded and reopened by Zin in 06.06.2002.
Jun 1995 Enchanted Forest Furnachia Ikar LQ75 "Enchanted forest".
May 1995 The Warlock Conclave Desolathya Chra, Yog
May 1995 Whirlpool Lucentium Kelson, Keill
May 1995 Perin's Furnachia Perin, Shardik, Entropy LQ28 "Robes of Time" and AQ "Shrouds of darkness".
Mar 1995 Castle Brantis Furnachia Shades, Coren
Feb 1995 Rillion's castle Furnachia Rillion, Sai
Nov 1994 Misty Forest Laenor Dragoness
Oct 1994 Tiburcio's Tower Desolathya Marley, Cyberman Old area, originally by Marley, removed and then converted by Cyberman in 1996.
Sep 1994 Dungeon Laenor Jarnis, Raunk, Shadowjack Originally called "BatCity Dungeons", of course. Recoded by Shadowjack 18.04.2004.
Aug 1994 Lonely Mountain Rothikgen Dire, Shadowjack AQ "Dragonscale Armour". Area originally by Dire, might've been in game as early as 1993.
Aug 1994 Kevin's watch Laenor Seance, Eredlin, Entropy
Aug 1994 Citadel Rothikgen Dice, Raunk LQ55 "The Mythical Frostblade".
May 1994 Clouds above Lor Lucentium Nym, Shadowjack AQ "Elementalist". Originally created by Nym sometime in early-to-mid 1994, converted by Shadowjack 11.10.1996.
May 1994 Foul's Creche Laenor Seance, Entropy, Mardus LQ40 "Sacrifice staff". Recoded and reopened by Mardus in 28.03.2004.
May 1994 Guard's Gap Laenor Seance, Eredlin, Entropy
May 1994 Mithil Stonedown Laenor Seance, Eredlin, Entropy
Apr 1994 Brotherhood of Sorcery Lucentium Justice, Natasha, Matte Area is probably older than the current timestamp.
Feb 1994 Zonni swamps Furnachia Shadowjack, Zonni LQ65 "Rescue Lady". Home of the infamous Burglefloogah, supposedly inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky". Area originally by Zonni, recoded by Shadowjack in August 1997.
Feb 1994 Orthanc Furnachia Dice, Raunk
Jan 1994 Ice castle Rothikgen Nym, Shadowjack Originally by Nym, converted by Shadowjack in October 1996.
Jan 1994 Steaming Cavern Furnachia Nym, Shadowjack
Dec 1993 Reaver catacombs Special Juggelo, Firefox Located in Rilynttar. Old area originally by Firefox, converted and reopened by Juggelo 16.02.2004. Might have been in the game as early as 1992.
Nov 1993 Lands of Lor Lucentium Nym, Entropy
Oct 1993 Hugoville Laenor Seance, Eredlin, Entropy LQ18 "Manhunt" and LQ50 "Machine".
Sep 1993 Kara-Tur Lucentium Nym, Shadowjack LQ73 "Liberation". Originally by Nym, converted by Shadowjack 19.10.1996.
Jun 1993 Horn-Durath Rothikgen Amarth Expanded several times and fully revised in 14.08.2000.
May 1993 Crack Laenor Dragoness
Apr 1993 Apple Orchard Laenor Haplo, Raunk
Mar 1993 Nocilis Valley Furnachia Tormac, Durand, Zin, Juggelo, Grimsh AQ "Treasuries of the Nocilis Valley". Tiamat is one of the oldest big eqmobs in the game, originally created by Tormac. Several people have enhanced and reworked it since. Area was closed between 1996 and 2003, until reopened in 13.03.2003.
Feb 1993 Tralpecktor Desolathya Duke AQ "Free the ghost of Seyed Fairlonge".
Dec 1992 Drawbridge Laenor Dice
Aug 1992 Pauper's castle Rothikgen Pauper, Ruubio, Shardik Originally by Pauper, added into game sometime in 1992. Converted by Shardik in January of 1997.
Jun 1992 Arelium sewers Special Well Located in Arelium. LQ19 "Sewer Ring". Originally BatCity sewers, very old area.
Dec 1991 Crimson Laenor Era, Ulath, Franco, Mokti, Quadra One of the oldest guilds in the game, though obviously it has been changed a lot.
Aug 1991 Noran's Attic Rothikgen Noran, Souc Originally by Noran, recoded by Souc in early 1998.
01 Aug 1991* Wibble Village Laenor Shadowjack, Malar, Ruffneck
May 1991 Marble-sanded beach Lucentium Mit, Eredlin Originally by Mit, possibly added to game in 1991 or 1992. Recoded/converted by Eredlin in 1996.
Apr 1991 Beanstalk Lucentium Jondalar, Namhas Converted by Namhas around May 1997.
Feb 1991 Forest of Legolas Laenor Legolas, Well, Andemon, Shardik, Zin AQ "The Quest of Legolas". Area originally by Legolas, later subsequently converted by Andemon, Well and Shardik.

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