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Editor's note: As I would feel silly writing about myself in third person, this entry will be, as an exception, written in first person.

Some of you may already know what I've done as mortal, and how I have contributed to the game - this map site, the tooling and "PupuMaps data" behind it - and a number of other BatMUD-related tools, the GgrTF scriptset for TinyFugue, and so on. Some also know me as "bunnyrazzo", having photographed and videoed many Kepucon events.

In January of 2012 something rather unlikely happened, as after years of denying that I have any aspirations to immort, I suddenly decided to just do it. Things rolled on with fast pace and the very next day I was a newbie wizard. Thanks go to Heidel for sponsoring and Juggelo for being archwizardly.

My accomplishments as a wizard (as of 2015 2024) are perhaps too numerous to count, but they still include just one measly area (unless recodes and improvements of few areas count.) I've been concentrating more on debugging, fixing, cleaning up code and improving day-to-day playability issues. Many commands, skills, spells, generic lib code etc have been touched by yours truly. Hopefully mostly for the better. I also tend to do lots of "bug wrangling" in general.

Although my activity level tends to vary, I usually spend few months per year on improving the "BatMUD experience".

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Circus 🍔
18 Mar 2003


Raven, newbie mountain, trolls etc. | Raven, newbie mountain, trolls etc
21 Aug 1996*


Mines of Tyr Farwyn | Mountain passage tunnel
20 Feb 2012


Jun 1996

4 locations.

AQ "A day at the circus". Recoded by Ggr in January 2013.
Digga's Domain
LQ17 "Platter", LQ51 "Magic tower" and LQ70 "Silver battlesuit". Recoded by Ggr in February 2014.
Iron mine
Contains AQ "Rescue the bunny".
LQ38 "Vulcan". Refactored by Ggr in May 2024.
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