Locations of BatMUD by Juggelo

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During his wizardly career, mr. Juggelo was a real all-around handyman. His contributions included coding the feared eq-monster, ancient beholder Gou'ljeg, the bloom of prosperity event, work on maintaining areas and monsters, working on the mudlib, fixing bugs, recoding, etc. He probably touched the code of almost every single eq-monster in the game. He was also known for making several larger tunes (for example the race-rebalancing of 2006), and became known as the tune/balance arch for his work on keeping the game balanced.

Juggelo ascended to archwizardhood in May 2007.

He was the secretary and vice-chairman of the Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry") board.

He passed away after a short period of illness on 6th of May 2022. May he rest in peace.



Abandoned, ruined temple



Mage guild, electricity


11 locations.

Catfolk shipyard
Wizard Hackathon 2015 project area.
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